Travel agency tips: Four reasons to visit Greece in September

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For many people summer (and summer holidays) end in August. However, that’s not the case with Greece, according to the following report by travel agency My Greek Friend, which points out that a lot of people believe that September is the ideal time to travel to Greece for various reasons.The agency gathered the four most important reasons why you should visit Greece in September (and October)!1) Better prices – Fewer peopleIf you are looking for the best available rates, then September is the perfect month for you to plan your holidays. You can get lower prices even in the most luxurious hotels. Also, there are fewer people staying in the hotels with all the perks that this has and also fewer people in queues in museums and even on the streets. You will have the chance to experience the famous Greek hospitality without waiting.2) Ideal WeatherIn September the weather in Greece is perfect. It is still summer, but not so hot. You can enjoy swimming on the beach as well as an evening stroll without sweating too much. Also, the sun is not too hot and dangerous for your skin.3) Warm WatersThe sea is always much cleaner and warm during September. Given that the beaches are not so crowded in September, it is the ideal time to travel if you prefer relaxing, not so crowded holidays.4) Cheaper TicketsIf you are traveling by air, September is usually the month with the lower rates. My Greek Friend is an online travel agency specializing in creating personalized vacation packages to Greece.